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Securing budget approval for change management

A reading list for business case developers   It is a much-heard siren song: projects fail that lack change management. The 70% failure rate originated within the Hammer and Champy book “Re-engineering the organisation”. In 1993. The failure rate has not improved greatly in almost 30 years. Hart Square’s recent research found that 86% of projects failed […]

Does your organisation need a Critical Friend?

The concept of a Critical Friend is not new to the sector or Hart Square. Wikipedia calls it: “A trusted person who asks provocative questions… A critical friend takes the time to fully understand the context of the work presented and the outcomes that the person or group is working toward.” However, in our work […]

I’ve changed, you’ve changed, can we talk?

Re-evaluating system requirements in the Covid-19 context In everything we have faced in the past twelve months let’s simply say the Covid-19 impact on our working lives represents a massive paradigm shift. Now, systems are systems. The heart of what you do will not have been knocked out of its natural rhythm. Even if it […]

The garden – a metaphor for your organisation’s strategy

I’ll start with an admission. I tire myself at times with house and car analogies. For some reason, in the context of technology change, they come in handy, if often painfully overused. So in these times of Covid-19 restrictions and upholding our resilience in the face of much social concern, let’s step out into the […]

How GDPR-led analysis should drive your CRM data migration plan

Last month I wrote a piece using the analogy of a house move for your organisation’s data migration. Whilst describing the expected migration stages it was admittedly a little light on GDPR factors. At Hart Square, we continue to see great progress and much ongoing work on GDPR compliance. This is especially true where a […]

Seven Guerrilla Tactics for Managers of Change

As Hart Square grows, we find ourselves more and more focussed on how change management practice works for our clients. We have always recognised our work is simply the work with the people. And NFP technology partners agree even the rational keystrokes of code are powered by fizzing synapses. In this brave, new(ish) world, who […]

A happy UI/UX for our people should be valued highly says Matt

This is not a new concept. Technology change projects can tend to bias User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) principles for an organisation’s customers and external stakeholders. Certainly forgivable. In our experience, Hart Square’s clients and technology partners also uphold the virtues of a happy UI/UX for their people: the hard-working daily users of […]