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Disrupt or retreat? How to lead your non-profit out of the pandemic

Disruptive leadership has been a hot topic in the past few years, with the term coming to prominence as we searched for new approaches to help us navigate the digital age. The need to explore new methods of management and leadership, as well as the choice of term, reflect primarily on the incredible pace and […]

Time for a new kind of leadership

If ever there was a time to move forward from command-and-control style management to a world where leaders inspire their people and, in business terms, their teams then surely this is it. A cultural shift from management to leadership has been coming for some time, but let’s not just assume the reasons and benefits are […]

The social impact of working from home #stayhomesavelives

Stay home, save lives In these exceptional times we’re seeing many an infographic and explainer relating to Covid-19, as we all become way too familiar with daily graphs from Public Health England, and the elusive R factor which has claimed a central role in our hankering for a relaxation of current restrictions. Within this field, […]

6 real-life examples of Machine Learning deployments for non-profits

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two terms we hear a lot, are often treated as interchangable, and sometimes mis-represented, but for all that, they are technology innovations which have the potential to radically improve the quality of life of individuals the world over. At TechsmartNFP 2019 I gave a talk which shared a number […]

The drive for non-profits to really engage with AI

Despite the potentially off-putting hype and noise around Artificial Intelligence and “the rise of the machines” the reality is that AI and machine learning are technologies which have arrived and are on the verge of being mainstream. Projects to evaluate, implement and deploy these technologies are now both appropriate and affordable, and whilst they must […]

What does digital transformation mean in reality for non-profits

Lunchtime at TechsmartNFP 2019 saw a panel discussion around one of the sector catchphrases of 2019: digital transformation. The premise being, it may be all the rage but what does it mean in reality for non-profits. It was a lively session, addressing important topics, and some key elements were captured below for a wider audience […]

AI: A new hope?

We need to figure out how to bring people together from all over the world to solve problems and create the right solutions globally, says Kriti Sharma, founder of AI for Good UK, whose vision for the future is that AI is utilised equally and fairly to make decisions that are ethical, just and for […]

Re-imagining technology to put people first

Where the heart is Salesforce.org is the social heart of salesforce.com, empowering tens of thousands of non-profits and educational institutions through technology, grants and volunteering programmes, Richard Young told delegates at TechSmart 2019. “Our goal is to enable each and every one of our customers, partners, grantees and community members to create more impact in […]

Fundraising AI: Where man and machine merge

‘Every day we’re empowering our non-profit clients to use their website as a tool to drive impact and raise funds for causes they dedicate their time to’, is the mission statement of joyful.org, provider of charity and non-profit websites, fundraising and marketing tools in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Tom Latchford, joyful.org’s founder, shared […]