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Business Process Assessment

To address process challenges at your organisation, it’s important to have a view of the processes you currently have in place.
Our clear and simple approach to a business process assessment helps you decide which processes are high risk or complex.

Our approach enables engagement with a wide variety of stakeholders to create an effective output that addresses key process challenges.

Skills and knowledge

Our team have strong analytical skills enabling them to highlight risks, issues and opportunities, without the desire to “solutionise” around any piece of technology.


Our impartiality allows us to make meaningful and realistic suggestions about process issues without being influenced by our client’s internal culture or challenges. 


We provide a dedicated resource, and a clear methodology to undertake a time-consuming and sensitive piece of work. 

Hart Square will deliver the following

  • Session overview primer for all attendees 

  • A series of workshops which discuss the area of work, challenges, aspirations and systems in place 
  • A single Process Tracker covering all workshops:
    – Process name, description and key associated information
    – RAG-rating per process against process complexity and technology implementation risk, based on standard criteria
    Key notes and reflections 

  • Workshops which may highlight inconsistent working practices and/or discussion points for teams to take away and reflect upon 

  • Summary playback session which highlights consistent/significant issues that need attention, suggested process map creation, and other key findings 

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