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Change Management

Most, but not all, of the new technology selection projects we work on are undertaken as part of a strategic programme of work seeking to improve ways of working and to enhance services to supporters, members and other third parties.

Our change management programmes establish a holistic structure across projects and incorporate the need for open communications, staff enablement, and other components which lead to the understanding, buy-in and ultimately adoption which will deliver success.

For any technology project to deliver its objectives it’s the people change it enables and drives which is the determining success factor.


At Hart Square we have been involved with dozens of technology change projects and can recognise the correlation between project success and the timely, effective application of change management techniques.

Our approach

Our approach is to work in a blended and empowering iterative way with the internal client teams to get buy-in across all business areas and support stakeholders

We work with all stakeholders to embrace and adopt the changes occurring as a consequence of the project and to enable them to adapt how they work.

Tailored to you

Change management is not a one size fits all approach and needs to be tailored and scaled to match the organisation needs, resources and the project scope.


We seek to ensure the change element supports the implementation project and the activities are appropriate and proportionate to it.

Reduce risk

Change management has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of having disengaged staff and wasted investment and effort in technology projects which are not adopted or owned by the project stakeholders

Hart Square will deliver the following

  • An analysis of the change readiness of the organisation – looking at culture, change drivers and resistance factors
  • A drafted, circulated, negotiated and finalised Stakeholder Engagement Plan in line with the scope of the project being delivered

  • A complete stakeholder analysis for the organisation relating to technology change

  • Direction and support to the client-nominated change management staff to develop, deploy and monitor tailored change management tools and channels and address challenges.

  • An agreed change management governance structure with respect to the project to inform the stakeholders of their duties and value of their role

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