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CRM Strategy: a recipe for success

In honour of National Pie Week this year we put our heads together to create a recipe for a CRM Strategy Pie, the intention being to identify and describe the key ingredients in a successful NFP Customer Relationship Management Strategy.

Having regularly insisted that strategy, and related technology projects, is really about art rather than science, this isn’t claiming to be an exact and precise formula! It is however intended to give a sense of the core components and a brief introduction to each one.

By way of introduction I can tell you that a Not-For-Profit’s CRM Strategy is not just about CRM technology, it’s about the business strategy which is at the heart of every non-profit. The “C” for customer may change over time to reflect different audiences, or may be replaced by “x” to reflect everyone, but one thing we can say for certain is that “Relationship Management” is the key to success.

Successful non-profit organisations initiate, develop, nurture and cherish relationships above all else. Having a strategy to manage them is fundamental to their continued delivery of organisational objectives.

The seven components we identified are shown in the pie but cover

Over the coming weeks we’ll publish an article on each slice of the pie and at the end provide a download of the full Customer Relationship Management Strategy recipe.