It’s about ideology

In the third of our four-part series of articles on membership management, we look at why ideology needs to be part of your thought processes.

One of the benefits of assessing technology needs is that it can prompt you to take a fresh look at your organisation’s ideologies, or beliefs.

There are some fundamental questions to be addressed:

  • What is it that really makes you ‘tick’? There are core values and beliefs that should underpin every organisation, and it’s these that members respect and adhere to.
  • What are the true values of the organisation, and how can you deliver them effectively and efficiently to members? The way that you manage your processes around this delivery is absolutely critical to the success of any membership organisation.
  • How do you want to be perceived, not just by members, but by other external stakeholders and influencers. They say that perception is everything, and that means being clear and consistent in all of your membership communications and interactions.

While it’s true that reviewing ideology can sometimes seem like ‘navel gazing’, it can in fact have very positive influence in terms of addressing the long-term objectives of the organisation and the needs of your members.

Top tips

  • Go for an ‘ology’ match – technology and ideology together
  • Remember that success is all about perception
  • Deliver on your organisation’s ideological values
  • Consider bringing in external experts to advise

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