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Setting up and sustaining a community platform

6 October 2022

Online community environments do a lot of things in the non-profit sector, from offering standing social/professional spaces, to facilitating specific projects, to providing the online and evergreen components for in-person events. But organisations who try to do everything at community go-live may see lower engagement than expected. Why?

Members and donors overwhelmed by too many choices may choose to spend their time elsewhere. There’s no reason to serve starters, mains, and dessert all at the same time!

Robust community platforms facilitate rapid iteration in standing up additional conversations and extending value through new functionality. Although community strategy will differ from one organisation to the other, every community plan needs to take advantage of this key strength.

Join us and Mark Eichler and James Jemmett-Page from Cantarus to find out how the community strategy starts with an optimal launch that sets the stage for further iteration and community evolution.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain insight into the benefits and values of adopting a community platform
  • Describe how sector leaders can ensure a successful community launch and avoid common pitfalls
  • Understand how online community launch of a broad members forum is different than one oriented to specific goals
  • Review best practices for orientation of the platform to content creation, evergreen access to event/session videos, and special interest group management

Guest Speakers:

Mark Eichler
Principal Consultant

James Jemmett-Page
Senior Consultant