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Are Medical Membership bodies really so different?

Do you need a specialised system and partner, or will a ‘general’ system work?

Medical Membership bodies and associations, are struggling to meet increasingly complex demands from a wide variety of stakeholders through a growing number of channels.

This particular niche of the Membership world also requires specialised areas of functionality not always available in ‘general’ systems, such as voting management, calls for papers, disciplinary and complaints management, events management and end-to-end website self-service. This leads to a fragmentation of data as staff use whatever tools they have in self-defence to get the job done, undermining any chance of a ‘single view of the truth’ for the Membership body as a whole.

In this interactive webinar we will examine the questions below and seek practical answers. We will also hear from the British Association of Urological Surgeons about their own journey and technology choices, including the drivers behind a website overhaul, to deliver specialist bespoke features for all their stakeholder groups including patients, clinicians and the public.

We cover:

  • How different are Medical Membership bodies, really? What are the specific needs and functionalities required?
  • Should organisations consider a best-of-breed approach to software packages or aim to get what they need from a single system? What are the pros and cons?
  • What about joining up my website / my membership system / my accounts system / my mass email system? How is all that integration to be tackled, and at what cost?
  • Does the market of providers understand the needs of Medical Membership bodies? How important is a specialist partner?
Patricia Hagan
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
British Association of Urological Surgeons
Tony Probert
Managing Director