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Beyond CRM for charities - Meeting the “customer service” expectations of modern supporters, volunteers and beneficiaries

Supported by m-hance and with special guest speaker, Liz Walker, Director of Finance and Corporate Services at The Children’s Society 

Many charities are struggling to meet the expectations of their “customers”. Today’s supporters, beneficiaries and other stakeholders expect service delivery to be multi-channel, seamless and without delays.

Charities are struggling to meet expectations of “customers” because traditional systems have fallen behind. These systems are too often disconnected, laborious to operate and provide few options for “customer” self-service.

As independent consultants, many organisations are asking Hart Square…

  • What does charity service delivery look like? What should I be aiming for?
  • Do I upgrade and integrate my current system, or replace them?
  • What about integrating to my website, CRM and external engagement systems?
  • What else is out there?

This webinar examines the questions above and allow you to hear from other organisations who are addressing this challenge. 

Catherine Wilson
IT and Digital Manager
Home Builders Federation