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Building a single source of truth: Sorting out your data

11 May 2023

Your data is fundamental to your ultimate success. Your future engagement strategy and related investment in new technology are based on being able to leverage your data as information which informs your priorities, your plans, your actions.

Many non-profit organisations collect and hold large quantities of data from multiple sources about people, services, products, supporting information, events, items to purchase etc. This data often takes many different formats including structured and unstructured data, and typically held across multiple, disparate environments.

So having good clean data you can access, mine and use is a key goal which means you need to know what you’ve got, understand its value, keep the information which will help you, and ditch that which won’t.

If stored, used, and harnessed correctly, your data should enable you to provide an even better service to your members, donors, and stakeholders.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand how to identify the data that your non-profit creates, collects, and holds
  • Understand how the right tech can support your data ambitions
  • Hear what kinds of systems and tech can help you manage your data – integration and automation
  • Understand how to move away from data silos within your organisation
  • Hear how to make the best use of resources to support, manage and govern your data in both projects and Business as Usual (BAU)
  • Learn about the latest in data security, privacy and GDPR
  • Hear how to build of culture of ‘data security’ in your organisation

Who is this for: Whether you work in IT, marketing, membership or governance, if you’re responsible for your non-profit’s data including how to identify what you have, what to do with it, and how to store it, don’t miss this webinar of up to date insights, protocols and best practice.


Rhys Evans
Head of Technology and Services
Hart Square

Andrew Scanlan
Senior Business Change Consultant
Hart Square