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Can a review of your digital processes benefit your digital project? A guide to getting started.

19 May 2022

Before embarking on any digital project, reviewing your business processes can be a hugely beneficial exercise. By taking a step back to focus on your strategy, processes, audiences, and channels, it can ensure that you’re not just replacing the old tech with the new, hoping that it ‘fixes’ the existing challenges and processes that your users face.

Reviewing your business processes will provide a holistic organisation-wide view identifying gaps and inefficiencies so that existing inefficient processes are not carried forward into the new system. It can also identify potential areas for streamlining processes and automation and highlight both data and staff silos.

Learning outcomes:

  • How to decide if carrying out a review of your business will benefit your organisation
  • How to get started – business process review vs. business process assessment
  • What to include and what processes should be reviewed
  • How it can ensure internal alignment on goals/ambitions, requirements, priorities, and budgets
  • Learn what resources you need to carry it out and the stakeholders you need to involve
  • What questions you should be asking when carrying out your review
  • Hear the benefits of carrying out a review of your business processes and the impact it can have on delivering digital projects
  • After you’ve carried one out, then what’s next?

Who is this for: If you’re managing the delivery of any organisation-wide digital project, join us as we discuss how reviewing your business processes could be beneficial to your organisation, and why it will benefit the delivery of your project and subsequent roll out to staff!

Chris Gilbert
Head of Technology & Services
Hart Square