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Cutting through technology noise: How to ask the right questions and avoid being dazzled by demos

The importance in the time and effort needed to prepare for a new technology project is often underestimated. Without the right internal planning, choosing the best platform and partner to successfully deliver your organisation’s needs will be compromised.

Jon Eaton, Director of Communications & Digital Engagement at Epilepsy Action, will share insights on how mastering this crucial stage helped to facilitate their go-live in just 11 months. Discover how their digital project empowered them to embrace greater ambition in creating a limitless world for people with epilepsy.

Across every non-profit, every business area will have a list of the requirements they deem necessary for any new technology or system. To identify, document and consolidate current and future requirements is a key stage in any digital project. It’ll ensure that you achieve buy-in across all areas and get alignment on the key priorities and requirements to deliver your organisation’s goals.


Jon Eaton, Director Of Communications & Digital Engagement, Epilepsy Action

Joyce Harmon, Senior Client Relationship Manager, Hart Square

Learning outcomes: 

  • Understand the functional and non-functional requirements across your non-profit – objectives, opportunities, and pain points. 
  • Learn how to identify and shortlist your organisation’s true requirements. 
  • Hear best practice methods for carrying out this stage of a digital project including validation and feedback. 
  • Understand how to carry out a structured tendering process to evaluate the options you have for technology partners and solutions. 
  • Understand how to communicate your requirements, budgets and timelines and one another’s culture, priorities, and methodologies. 
  • Hear how to carry out a selection process leading to the appointment of your preferred tech partner – what’s involved, what does it take and who should it involve?  

Who it this for: If you’re responsible for delivering the technology at your non-profit or considering the technology options which could help better deliver your organisation’s strategy, join us for this unmissable webinar. We’ll give you the information you need to achieve alignment on your organisation’s technology requirements and understand how to choose the right partner to deliver on them.