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Data Landscape & Strategy:

Crafting Your Data Strategy to ensure you maximise your data assets

Establish the importance of a data strategy before diving into CRM system replacement.

The first in a series of four webinars, this session illustrates the importance data plays in your overall transformation strategy, what your various options are and what good governance looks like.

We were joined by a client, Enrico Tizzano, Chief Transformation Officer, Brooke and their technology partners, m-hance.

Topics we covered:

  • The significance of data in the NFP sector
  • Developing a data strategy aligned with organisational goals
  • Understanding data ecosystems:
  • Architectures, Integration, flow, management & reporting
  • Data governance and stewardship in NFPs


Enrico Tizzano, Chief Transformation Officer, Brooke



Tory Cassie, Director of Nonprofit, m-hance



Joyce Harmon, Head of Client Services, Hart Square

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