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Defining the difference between a Project & Business as Usual

21 September 2022

Before embarking on any digital change, it’s vital to understand the difference between a project and Business As Usual (BAU), and to know which one yours is!   

They have key differences around time, purposes, and structures, and they need to be approached differently if you’re to ensure successful delivery of your project. That’s without even considering the question of resources, and the acknowledgement that often, people are involved across both projects and BAU. 

When defining the approach to take to an activity, whether a project or BAU, it’s important to take the time to plan it, understand the timings, and how you as an organisation define the work required. Projects require a distinctly different approach and mindset; they are solving a problem and it’s important that they are temporary. In time, project outcomes may indeed become part of BAU activity and become embedded across an organisation.  

Learning outcomes: 

  • Understand what defines a piece of work as a project 
  • Learn about the different approaches you need to take for a project vs BAU 
  • What are the differences in mindset and skills to consider when delivering both activities?  
  • How to manage your resourcing and ensure there aren’t gaps and that there is sufficient time to deliver the work required  
  • Understand the governance needed to manage both activities – skills and people 
  • Managing the risks involved in delivering both projects and activities as BAU   
  • How to transition from project state to BAU  


Jon Eaton
Communications and Digital Engagement Director
Epilepsy Action

Billy Peat
Senior Business Change Consultant
Hart Square