Congratulations – it’s a rebrand!

A rebrand, Dynamics CRM implementation and a new website, all within nine months – this was the vision of Twins Trust, and was achieved with the commitment, partnership and hard work of both the organisation and Bluelight CRM, who shared their journey with delegates at TechSmart 2019.

A UK-wide charity, Twins Trust (formerly TAMBA) aims to improve the lives of twins and triplets and their families, offering support through a network of regional clubs and online resources throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. The charity also has a clear strategy to align with national campaigns to reduce stillbirth and neonatal death – mothers of twins and triplets are at particularly high risk of miscarriage during pregnancy.

Head of Membership, Emma Collins, told delegates: “Our vision is happy, healthy babies and families who are supported. However, despite our best efforts, we weren’t reaching everybody that we would like to – we needed to widen our reach to families and to health professionals, as well as offer much more support to our clubs regionally. We found that we had ‘old technology’ which did not give us the support we needed.

“Our data was not perfect either; we were unable to get a single and full picture of all our members, and we could not personalise our communications. We learned very early on that data preparation is key; no matter how much time you think it’s going to take, double it and more. If the data is not right to begin with then nothing you do will be right.”

On 21 October this year, coinciding with the charity’s 40th anniversary, the new website and rebrand was launched successfully, and Twins Trust is seeing immediate benefits. “It has freed up staff time because our systems now take care of so much that used to be done manually and the way we use our data now has made everything so much easier,” says Emma.

Marios Chrysanthou, MD Bluelight CRM adds: “There are always going to be challenges and constraints but the key is to prepare as much as you can. There is no barrier to new technology but It’s not just about the technology; it’s about going on a journey together and planning is the key. At Bluelight we are committed to supporting people professionally and personally, and that’s why our relationships work so well.”

“It has been life-changing for us as a charity,” says Emma

Key take-aways

  • Bring people along for the journey and engage them – Internal communications are vital
  • Make sure that everybody understands the vision
  • Ensure that you and your external partners work well together and have an open and transparent relationship
  • Have measurable goals

Prepare for bumps in the road and work through it together!