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Embracing digital: How to build your modern engagement toolkit

12 May 2022

Connecting digitally with your stakeholders is key if you’re to deliver your engagement, attraction and retention aims. With so much noise, clutter and an array of digital options, we’ll discuss how non-profits can stand out with their content and choice of digital tools.  

More than ever, non-profits need continuous engagement with both current and prospective members and supporters. To do this, they need the right tools and technology to help them engage and build relationships on different levels, frequencies, and platforms. 

Do you know if your organisation is keeping pace with the latest digital tools, their constant developments and which ones are right for you? And once you know what you want to use, how can you best manage your content, your communications and manage them in the most efficient way?  

Learning outcomes: 

  • Understand what digital engagement means to your organisation 
  • Where to get started with new digital tools – which ones are best for you? 
  • Integrate or automate – how best to use and link digital tools 
  • Learn how to measure and evaluate your use of digital tools  
  • How to make use of what you already have 
  • Hear how other non-profits have implemented their digital engagement strategies  

Who is this for: If you’re involved in managing or contributing to your digital or social strategy, then don’t miss this chance to ensure you’re up to date on all the latest non-profit trends. As well as the best platforms and way to deliver your messages using digital tools, we’ll discuss data, stats and reporting so your digital strategy feeds into wider organisational aims. 

Guest speaker:

Gavin Laugenie
Global Head of Content