With over 17 years’ experience of staying ahead of the curve, Eudonet continues to reassure their clients regarding security and more recently, GDPR compliance.

We’re spending as much time on maintaining an intuitive, easy to use CRM for users as we are providing deep compliance and auditing features for admins and GDPR officers.

Already boasting multiple GDPR features and key requirements out of the box, such as consent, methods of communication preferences and full exports for auditing, our team of developers is continuing to work with GDPR advisors on additional features.

Upcoming features include:

  • The ability to define fields as sensitive/confidential
  • Data archiving and deletion according to date or user rules
  • Admin level controls over data processing
  • Processing of international data
  • GDPR and Data Quality dashboards for GDPR officer

At Eudonet, we see GDPR as an opportunity for best practices and excellence in contact management, rather than additional trouble and potential fines. Our latest editions already help users save time and energy on their key day to day tasks, and future versions will ensure data management and contact preferences are intuitive and easy to use.

Admins and GDPR officers will find compliance and audits easy to maintain, ensuring users can continue with their jobs with new compliance rules in place.

We at Eudonet are committed to equipping our users with the tools necessary to become and remain GDPR compliant in time for the May deadline.

For further information visit http://www.eudonet.co.uk/