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From aging systems to modern supporter engagement – how can fundraising technology enable our mission?

Charities are succeeding when they put their supporters at the centre of everything they do. As consumers we have learnt to expect this from every digital interaction. The charities who can deliver a personalised, relevant experience will ultimately be the most successful in raising awareness and support for their mission.

Charities with aging systems face a perfect storm of rising supporter expectations running up against aging technological systems.

Too many rely on siloed systems and a beautiful (but disconnected) website. To really engage and innovate, charities need intelligent tools and responsive channels, not databases.

Whether you feel trapped by the technology or by the culture of your charity, we’ll discuss ways in which you can be more ambitious, manage change and better use modern platforms to further your aims.

In the context of your own experiences and challenges we’ll discuss and debate:

  • Using tools to manage relationships rather than store data
  • What is really involved in effective donor personalisation
  • Avoiding creating data silos when delivering digital transformation
  • Why this approach needs to be extended beyond your donors