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Get the most out of your data for engagement, recruitment and retention

Research shows that data is a non-profit’s most important asset, and yet for many it is pouring down the drain with a big cost in retention and recruitment.

Modern stakeholders expect your comms and engagement to be personal, targeted and relevant to them and their interests. Putting “Dear Sarah” at the top of a generic email is not enough. If your organisation is still doing this, then why are you surprised at the poor take up and response rates?

At this webinar we examined the questions below and discussed practical solutions:

  • What does modern, personalised engagement look like across my website, CRM and bulk email system?
  • What are practical, real-world examples of achievable best practice?
  • My data is split across lots of systems – where do I start and how much will it cost?
  • So, given all of that, how do I maximise my data for recruitment and retention?

The webinar includes a Q&A session where attendees can share their experiences and “ask the experts” about their own challenges.

Alex Skinner
Stuart Bonsall
Internal Sales Executive
Marios Chrysanthou
Managing Director
Bluelight CRM