Embarking on a digital project can be a huge undertaking for many non-profit organisations, and there can be a lot at stake to make the right decisions. Choosing the right technology partner is one such key decision which can either propel your project to success or cause faltering or even failure.

So how do you choose the right technology partner?

At Hart Square we run upwards of 20 partner selections every year, across a range of digital technologies and we have put together 5 key considerations to choose the right technology partner for your organisation.

1. Does the technology partner fit into the culture of your organisation?

You will be working with the technology partner throughout the implementation on the technical solution and sometimes beyond. So, it’s important to consider whether the company cultures match that of your organisation to enable and ensure effective communication and collaboration throughout the project.

2. Do they have experience with similar organisations?

Non-profit organisations can sometimes be unique in the way that they operate. So when considering your technology partner, ask them what organisations they have experience of working with. Do they understand non-profits, they ways they operate and the challenges they face?

3. Considerations for sensitive data

Many non-profits can hold sensitive data due to the nature of their work. If your non-profit has data restrictions you must consider whether the technology partner can work with those restrictions.

4. Review against your original criteria

At the beginning of the process you would have set some decision- making criteria. Before making your final decision on your technology partner, review and reassess each of the partners against the original decision-making criteria. You should also appreciate that you will have learnt a lot along the way about what really matters to you, so you don’t have to be wedded to the criteria you agreed a few months prior.

5. Get as many different viewpoints as you can

As many members of staff may be working with the technology partner, it’s important to also get their viewpoints. It’s often a good idea go to the most senior person in the team last so everyone can share their viewpoint openly and without judgement. This prevents everyone being funnelled down the same viewpoint.


Selecting your technology partner is a big decision which takes careful consideration.

Remember a partner selection process is a mutual decision and not a one-way street. Just as you will assess a partner’s fit for your organisation, they will too assess whether you are the right fit for their organisation.

At Hart Square, our partner selection process has been developed over years of experience, is finely tuned regularly as the market shifts, innovations come through and priorities change. To find out how we can support you in the partner selection process, get in touch today.

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