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How to take advantage of digital advancements to optimise member experience

Non-profits are embracing digital strategies and technologies like never before. However, the challenge remains to truly understand whether you are maximising the use of digital technology to full advantage to meet your organisation’s aims on engagement, member attraction and internal efficiencies.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to assess your organisation’s digital capabilities for improving member experience, driving engagement and growing your membership. Focussing on these 6 strategies, our sector experts will explain how to get the most out of digital advancements:

  • Community – Learn how to build a sense of belonging and purpose for your members
  • Insight – Hear the best ways to intelligently collect data on how your members are using your site
  • Optimisation – Find out how to use your data to personalise and improve the ‘customer’ experience
  • User Journeys – Hear real case studies of how other non-profits have optimised their user online journeys
  • Design – What is the role of design? It’s not just window dressing, learn its real purpose
  • Accessibility – Hear why accessibility is so important in online spaces and events

Join experts from Hart Square and Cantarus in this one hour webinar as we discuss digital best practice and optimising the member experience.

James Jemmett-Page
Senior Consultant