Being prepared for a system implementation is key for overall project success. This stage will determine whether your project will stay on track and you will be able to realise the benefits of the new system. From the numerous implementations we have been a part of, here are the key considerations we have identified to achieve a successful systems implementation. 

Download the Key considerations for a successful system implementation infographic

Planning resources  

The balance of work across a project lifetime is significant. Projects require considerable resources – the highest risk to success is to underestimate this. 

Vital documents 

There are a variety of essential documents which are vital tools to ensure your project remains on track. These include communication reports as well as status reports.  

Data migration  

We see many CRM implementation projects taking longer than they should because the data isn’t ready. Clean, de-dupe, consolidate and rationalise your data before moving it to your new system. This takes time so get a head start on this process early.  

Communication with your technology partner  

Having clear and honest communication with your technology partner is vital to success. Ensure you each have clearly established roles and responsibilities and have agreed targets, including KPI’s. 

Testing the system 

The purpose of testing is to verify the system. It ensures the system meets the requirements that guided its design and development and performs its functions within an acceptable time. To help guide you through the testing phase, you should establish a clear test plan.  

Training your team 

Training is a key element in delivering successful implementations. It is important to deliver training which engages individuals and motivates them to embrace the change.  

Planning your go-live 

It’s important to consider and plan your go-live as there will inevitably be an increased workload during the change. You must plan resources accordingly and only go-live when key resources are available.