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Leading your project team to success

Key roles for your digital project

25 June 2024, 9:30 am - 10:30 am


A project manager is not a diary coordinator!  

When embarking on a new digital project, resourcing should be one of the first topics addressed as limitations in capacity, technical capability and lack of engagement are often amongst the top causes of disorder, disruption, or delay.  

Successful digital projects are the result of the skill and collaboration of a project team, and the people behind the project are what drives it forward to achieve its ambitions. However, a common issue is the underestimating of resources, including not having a thorough understanding of the different project roles, the differences between them and what the roles really mean. Before your project starts, it’s critical that you agree how your project is going to be resourced, what skills are required, and what resourcing structure you’re going to apply to your project. 

As well as considering the specific roles you need, it’s also important to consider the strategies which will help you manage resourcing such as the use of deputising staff, backfilling business as usual roles, dividing and conquering on roles/activities, and how to carry out the prioritising and rolling review of deadlines.  


Joyce Harmon

Head of Client Services, Hart Square


Jason Marshall

Business Change Consultant, Hart Square


Learning outcomes:  

  • From the board, project manager, project lead and project sponsor to a change manager, business lead and data/tech lead… hear the difference between the roles, the skills needed, and which ones are critical to project success.   
  • Learn how to build a successful project team including getting the right people in the right roles, and adapting the team to the size of the project and organisation.  
  • Learn about the importance of capacity, what roles can be shared, and how much time roles should allocate to projects.  
  • As the most important part of projects are the people who fuel their success, understand what to do when they’re not available.  
  • Hear the importance of understanding the different cultures within your organisation and how they come together in a project team to achieve success.  
  • Hear answers to some common questions such as whether you need technical knowledge of technology to be a successful project manager in a digital project, and whether a change role is or should be a project board role? 

Who is this for:

Whether you’re experienced in delivering projects or just starting out, join this webinar as we discuss the importance of getting the right people in the right roles, and what and more critically who it takes to really deliver a project. 

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