m-hance NFP365, built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, now has additional standard functionality to address the upcoming requirements of GDPR.

Over the past 6 months, we have worked with clients and partners to ensure there is sufficient core functionality included in NFP365 to provide a solid foundation for our clients, so each solution can be quickly and easily extended, with our guidance, for each client’s compliance journey.

Whilst there is rich functionality out the box, this GDPR foundation must, of course,  remain flexible to change as the new requirements are further interpreted by the ICO and case law.

We also recognise that each charity may need subtly different approaches to GDPR based on their where and how data is currently stored, current data quality and completeness of consents and permissions. We work closely with them to ensure that each new solution supports individual compliance.

In addition to the functionality offered as core within Dynamics 365, such as security, user roles, field level security and audits, the NFP365 solution will provide:

  • New forms and fields clearly defining how individuals who have opted in and out of different messaging and services, so they can be automatically excluded or included in communications applicable to their consent activity type
  • GDPR specific business processes and workflows to ensure the right information is captures against an individual record or is routed to the appropriate person or team
  • Specific processes that ensure that sensitive data can only be viewed and updated by appropriate persons or job functions
  • Case management with prebuilt SLA’s to meet the time frames set within GDPR, managing information requests, requests for permission changes and complaints
  • Reports providing all activity and donation history to be sent to those individuals who request it
  • Inbuilt detailed auditing evidencing what data has been created or updated, when, and by what process or individual user

Over the past six months we have worked closely with Microsoft and other partners to share our combined knowledge and interpretation of GDPR, specifically in the special context of the charity sector. Microsoft and m-hance have held several joint seminars with attendees from the charity sector and from this we have gained valuable insight into the challenges faced by charities and the key capabilities a new solution requires to aid current and future compliance.

On-going solution implementations with key clients have provided us further insight into how organisations are interpreting the new regulations. This has led m-hance to introduce dedicated GDPR workshops during the discovery phase of all new projects.

m-hance is committed to continually update the NFP365 solution to respond to current and future legislative and structural changes affecting the charity sector.

To read more about m-hance’s recommendations on GDPR compliance you can download their eBook, GDPR Success in 5 Steps, http://m-hance.com/resources/gdpr-success-5-steps

For further information about NFP365 contact Tory Cassie on tory.cassie@m-hance.com or 07854 686 489