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Modernising your tech and driving your organisation’s strategy

Non-profits are increasingly being driven by the needs and ever-rising expectations of members and donors. The challenge for non-profits is making a case for new technology which will help them keep up with the ‘always connected’ audience.

Identifying the need and a gap for new technology is just the first step in driving forward your organisation’s strategy to improve service delivery, audience engagement, and system efficiencies. Whilst your Board is likely to understand the importance of technology, they will need to see evidence that the project is going to deliver true benefits to all your stakeholders.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn what elements to include in a business case​
  • Hear how to identify all the key stakeholders and resources
  • Understand how to highlight and define success criteria​
  • Know how to ensure the plan is aligned to your overall organisational goals, objectives and strategies​
  • Realise the importance of understanding your project governance​
  • Join our experts as we discuss this vital first step of any successful project and how to get agreement on the benefits, aims and resourcing.
Jon Eaton
Director of Digital Services
Epilepsy Action