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Navigating through challenging times – how non-profits can adjust strategy to still deliver impactful marketing

For most non-profits, this hasn’t been a year of business as usual. Some organisations have seen an upsurge in demand for their services, whilst others have struggled to get their supporters and members to continue supporting and using their services. What is true, is that they have all had to continue with, and in some cases, even step up their programme of marketing activities, and increase the channels they use to keep their stakeholders up to date with news.

Gavin Laugenie, Head of Strategy and Insight at dotdigital, and Sara Meikle, Senior Loyalty Officer at Action for Children, will discuss how they used new and traditional marketing channels side by side to create ‘Boycott your Bed’, an award-winning fundraising campaign.

You will learn:

  • How COVID changed their plans, and how they had to overcome their challenges
  • The marketing channels, features and resources that helped them launch their campaign.
  • Adapting and changing with the times – their lessons learned
  • What’s next, how and where to take inspiration for a new campaign.
  • About new marketing channels and techniques and how you can use them to complement or act as an additional new channel – learn how they could benefit your marketing messages.
  • How to plan your marketing so that you’re ready to thrive in the world after these challenging times.
  • How to continue to deliver impactful and relevant marketing to your supporters and members, amongst changing organisational goals ‘above’?

This webinar is aimed at non-profit marketing and communications professionals, or those involved in how their organisation can better engage with their audience using new and existing marketing systems, channels and activities.

Catherine Wilson
IT and Digital Manager
Home Builders Federation
Sara Meikle
Senior Loyalty Officer
Action for Children