We are really excited to share with you that as of 6 January 2022, Hart Square has rebranded!  

Rob Dobell, Managing Director of Hart Square said, “This is a big step for us to strengthen our positioning in the sector, showcase our services and successes, and to help our clients better identify with us.”   

So, what has changed?

Our logo  

We have a new logo which represents two hearts overlapping to create a centralised square – encapsulating Hart Square. 

Our mission and vision 

At Hart Square, we have been dedicated to the non-profit sector since 2009 and our team have always shared a passion: to enable technology to deliver tangible business benefits to non-profits, ensuring they reach their objectives. We are proud to present our new mission statement which strongly represents Hart Square as a team and individuals.  

Our mission is to help amazing organisations achieve remarkable things 

We have a clear vision to build digital and change capability within the non-profit sector, providing leadership, experience, strategic guidance, and educational content which empower non-profits to make good decisions. 

A new website  

Our new website is now live! Visit our website to check out our services, success stories and our latest insights and events!  


What hasn’t changed?

Despite our refreshed appearance, underneath we still have the same unwavering commitment to support the non-profit sector. We are continuing to provide independent advice, expertise, and specialist services around the strategic, CRM and technology challenges faced by non-profit organisations.  

We will continue to operate in the exact same way – it’s business as usual!