Our chase.livestream culture theme this year explored how to get the best from your staff and embed lasting change in your organisation. We’re proud to say we have our best team yet at Hart Square and are often approached for advice on how we got here. It all starts with finding the right people so here are some recruitment tips that have proved so successful for us.


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1) Explain the role, the culture and the vision well

You need to have a clear purpose and vision for the role you are looking to fill; that is not the job spec or recruitment advert. You need to be able to explain what it would be like to be in the role and what your company culture is all about. Being succinct and clear about the role is really important from the minute you make the first contact with your potential candidates. What are the 3-4 things that really count and will make someone successful?

2) Be prepared to sell the role

Even if you have an interesting and rewarding position with an attractive compensation package, be prepared to sell the job to prospective candidates. Don’t ever assume the supply of good candidates exceeds demand. It is important to organise a transparent and swift recruitment process. You will inevitably lose good candidates along the way if you have not sold the job well enough or taken too long in the recruitment process or your decision making.

3) Warts and all

Whilst it is important to make the role attractive, nobody will believe that every part of the job is going to be brilliant. “This is the bit where I’m going to try to put you off this role” does raise a few eyebrows and smiles in an interview, but candidates appreciate the honesty. Do explain the challenges of the role, the boring bits, the bits others sometimes struggle with. Do be upfront and clear and see how the candidates react. Are they up for the challenge? It is no good them finding out once they’ve started, that doesn’t help them or you.

4) Involve existing staff

Who can better sell the role than your existing team, so use the champions for your company culture in informal interview pre-meets, an employee referral programme or through the interview panel. This can help your team to get buy in to their new colleagues, and them in turn having a better understanding of the role and your company culture. Involving your team in recruitment can be very rewarding and reap great benefits for all parties.

5) Hire for attitude and passion

Yes experience and skills are important but if the candidate does not share your company passions and culture it will be an uphill struggle. To hire on this basis, you need to be able to explain your culture well enough so make sure you can, or get someone to help. Then be prepared to invest in training and mentoring to bridge any knowledge gaps.

6) Leave a good impression

You are likely to see a large number of candidates throughout the process and it is vital for them to have a positive experience. Aim for the recruitment to be a useful learning process for all and provide as much feedback as you can. In the world of non profit candidates you never know when you may come across your candidates again and it is important to leave a positive lasting impression even for the unsuccessful candidates.

7) First impressions do count so make induction the best you can

The induction process when someone joins sets the scene for their whole time as your employee. Make it count, make it memorable and welcoming, make it the most valuable experience in their career to date and they will embrace and reinforce the culture of your company and stay with you for longer.

In summary, plan your recruitment approach carefully and make the culture of your organisation the key theme in how you find and keep your best team.


Click here to download the 7 Top Tips to create your best team yet infographic