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Stories from Salesforce.org: The Journey to Becoming a Connected non-profit

The shift to digital has meant that connecting every person involved in your mission – from your employees to your supporters and constituents – has become more important than ever before.

As independent technology and project consultants, Hart Square are often asked about the option of using the Salesforce platform to achieve this goal.

We were delighted to host a panel discussion with a diverse group of non-profits on how they’re bringing together fundraising, membership, marketing and program management into one integrated platform.

Topics to be covered include:

  • What to aim for as a connected non-profit?
  • What does “good” look like?
  • What are the challenges and the benefits?
  • How to meet the expectations of modern stakeholders without reinventing the wheel?

The session saw Hart Square and Salesforce.org join a live virtual discussion with the opportunity to hear from non-profits who have made the journey and those considering their options.