Charities are quickly having to accelerate digital strategies in light of recent events and to make decisions on solutions to work remotely and efficiently to maintain their good work.

No-one anticipated a global pandemic to put a spanner in the works on business as usual. But here we are faced with a new operating environment, many of you having to work remotely and wondering how to continue service delivery, maintain financial viability and weather this unprecedented storm.

Is it time to consider and reflect on how charities can continue to exist and even thrive when wider society is under pressure to change the very essence of how we live and communicate. Pre corona virus the sector has been facing an increasing multitude of external pressures that directly affect the very core of how they continue to operate, grow and compete for funding, income and ‘brand’ awareness in a digital world.

We at Economic Change are here to help your charity navigate a path through.

We want to help overcome the immediate challenges faced by many charities – including having to radically change how they operate and tackle this new culture of remote and virtual working using some quick and ready-made solutions provided by Salesforce CRM for the Non-Profit Sector (Salesforce NPSP) that are available for FREE.

We’ve also put together supplementary bespoke quick start implementation packages to help you make these solutions a reality and designed to address key operational challenges.

Challenge No 1: Switching over to Digital Fundraising methods

Are you contemplating what fundraising methods are available to your charity that will capitalise on your existing supporters and allow you to generate income quickly? Now more than ever, when charities face dwindling income streams from traditional sources such as grants or statutory funds, there is also potential to tap into new avenues and capitalise on the philanthropic demand from wider society. Here are our 2 main fundraising methods you can switch to instantly and our solution package that will help ensure you have the comprehensive data management system in place.

Send Virtual Video Appeals by email or on Social: Showcasing your cause or appeal via video is a much stronger way of communicating your message. Using Salesforce and a tool called Native Video you can create, upload and capture videos and email them out or showcase on social and then capture donations off the back of the video. You can capture and track engagement levels using tailored analytics and reporting features.

Run a Crowd funder aka Peer to Peer Campaign: Reach out to your passionate supporters, champions or ambassadors with an appeal or call to action for a specific campaign or cause or service to raise funds you’re behalf. Using free tools such as RallyBound which integrate with Salesforce NPSP you can empower them to enable donations to be collected on your behalf. For example, individuals are equipped to be able to set up webpages, integrate with their social media accounts and set up donation collection processes that all link back to your charity’s central campaign in data compliant and secure way.

Moreover, when a supporter registers to fundraise, a Salesforce Contact record will be created and that Contact can be assigned to a Salesforce Campaign, based on your settings, allowing you to manage, track and communicate with your supporters. Salesforce Communities can also be leveraged to create an online community for members to update their information, or upload events or opportunities, discuss and collaborate using Chatter, access resources or see a directory of members.

Our Fundraising Exchange Solution Package will enable you to make these methods a reality for your charity.

Economic Change has been involved in implementing the Non-Profit Success Pack to help non-profits manage their income generation and fundraising activities.

Salesforce NPSP is an out of the box solution to manage;

  • business development and fundraising activities,
  • track correspondence
  • integrate with a range of fundraising tools for manage online giving and gift-aid.

The quick wins for our clients include;

  • a 360 view of stakeholders involved in fundraising, be it trusts and foundations or individual donors
  • Managing fundraising activities from prospecting to closing for grants, campaigns and appeals
  • Integrated marketing tools to nurture prospects using communication methods
  • Access to quick and flexible real-time reporting and forecasting
  • Integrated online payment tools to automate processing of donations
  • gift-aid Campaign management
  • ROI assessment

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Start a ‘Friends of’ or Membership Scheme: Using branded, user friendly online registrations forms that are hosted on your website and can seamlessly collect information and take payment at a touch of a button. With Salesforce NPSP automation features you charity can a) convert your new supporters into members on your database and then b) issue automated payment notification for membership fees. Putting online subscription and membership forms online makes it so they can be accessed from any device to streamline the process.

Save time and money on both staff and resources with mobile-friendly online forms. Memberships empower your non-profit to increase recurring contributions in the form of monthly or annual dues, so using Salesforce NPSP and added value tools such as Findock and integrated E-marketing solutions you can capture payments online, create and send customised emails, invitations to newsletters, updates, video stories to your supporters based on demographic criteria i.e. location or membership package or on the level of commitment they prefer.

Our Membership Exchange Solution Package will enable you to make these methods a reality for your charity.

Are you looking to improve membership management and engagement? Economic Change has been involved in customising Salesforce CRM across the spectrum of international and local membership-based organisations, to manage their membership of individuals, businesses and VSCE organisations, and other services including grants, training and assets.

The quick wins for our clients include;

  • Acquire a 360-degree view of what activities your members are participating in
  • Improve sales process and income pipeline
  • Improve marketing & communication engagement
  • Monitor membership engagement and retention
  • Reduce manual administration processes and customer service
  • Improve customer relationships with two-way communication channels

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