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The challenges in implementing digital change

25 May 2023

Digital projects are on the agenda for most non-profits. Disruptive technologies and the pace of change means that organisations are constantly having to evaluate their systems, tools, and ways of working to ensure they’re delivering to their staff, supporters, and members.

At Hart Square, we understand the key factors across technology, people, culture and strategy which support non-profit organisations in achieving a successful digital project. We learn from successes and challenges we’ve faced across the whole digital project life cycle, and in this webinar we’ll share practical advice, steps and takeaways to help support non-profits deliver more successful projects.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss: 

  • Key drivers for change – From moving on from legacy systems, to engagement and retention through a single customer view, to using data to drive better decision-making, we’ll explore the common drivers behind delivering successful projects.
  • Project risks – Hear some of the common risks to success and how to overcome them, including lack of buy-in, managing a project vs business as usual, and managing your staff through the change process.
  • Project resourcing – Hear the key challenges organisations face when resourcing their projects – What roles, skills and time do staff need to deliver digital projects?
  • Lessons learnt – We’ll discuss some of the key lessons learnt from our experience in delivering 500+ projects for the sector – from planning your project, managing your data to testing your system and more!

Who is this for: This webinar is for anyone responsible for and contributing to the delivery of digital projects. Whether you’re a project manager, sponsor, or a team member, you’ll hear key lessons learned from your peers across the whole non-profit sector and how they faced, mitigated, and delivered against the challenges they faced.

Chris Gilbert
Head of Technology and Services
Hart Square

Lisa Wetlesen
Senior Business Change Consultant
Hart Square