At Hart Square, we spend 2,500 days a year helping non-profit organisations maximise the opportunities of the digital age, to the benefit of their supporters, beneficiaries, members, and donors.  

With the wealth of experience we have gathered, we wanted to share our insights into the reoccurring topics and challenges weve identified by working with those embarking on their digital transformation journey.  

We also wanted to share some of who we are and the work we do, so we decided to create the Hart Square Podcast!  

We are excited to bring to you our podcast series where you will hear from our team – the people on the ground – as well as some special guests along the way! They will share some exclusive insights into the sector, the projects we run, and the challenges we resolve, so you can learn from their experiences and expertise.  

The Hart Square Podcast is intended to be enjoyable as well as educational, we do hope you enjoy the series!  

You can find the podcast on most platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google and Spotify, where you can check out our trailer for the podcast seriesDon’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss our first episode which will launch on 22nd April 2021. 

If you want to learn more, you can check out these online training courses which can complement your knowledge on some of the topics we discuss.