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The power of personas and user experience journey maps

23 March 2023

You probably know how many people visit your website, but do you know how those people feel about it afterwards?

A poor customer experience can mean the end of any interaction between that customer and the organisation. So how do you fix this problem? Can you identify the issues and remove these points of frustration? Or can you make sure you don’t accidentally create these poor experiences in the first place?

We’ll cover 2 approaches and examine how they can be used to help improve your organisation. From fixing website problems and improving the overall digital experience, to helping change the way your organisation runs.

  1. User Experience Journey Mapping – a process illustrated in a visual representation for understanding the steps a user takes to complete a task or goal
  2. Personas –  Personas are fictional, yet believable archetypes to represent the customers whose journeys you’re mapping

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the purpose, process, and steps to creating a user journey map
  • How to create a user journey map and highly effective personas – examples of what they look like
  • How a user journey map can practically be used in your organisation
  • Hear examples of the outputs and benefits from conducting a journey mapping exercise
  • Learn how to carry out persona and journey mapping exercise with staff
  • Apart from improving the user experience, hear how these approaches can also be used for other purposes such as process improvement or product development

Who is this for: If you’re responsible for or interested in how you can deliver the best user experience, join us for this one-hour webinar. We’ll give you the tools to better understand how users interact with your products and services and how to further enhance the user experience through efficiencies and engagement.