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The principles of running a successful project

27 October 2022

What are the fundamentals you need to know and understand to run a successful project?  

By getting to grips with project planning, the project lifecycle and project governance, you’ll start to build the foundation you need to deliver the project and the change.  

By understanding to recognise the common pitfalls of any project, you’ll learn how to identify and mitigate these.  

Learning outcomes: 

  • Find out the best documentation and tools to define and track all the moving elements of a project 
  • Understand what it takes to keep a project on time and on budget  
  • Learn about project governance – what roles do you need on your project team? 
  • Learn how to identify the main stages of the planning process for a typical digital project  
  • Hear the value of having an integrated project team and be able to assess roles and responsibilities​ 
  • Understand the best way to integrate change into your organisation 
  • How to identify risks and obstacles and deal with them before the arise  
  • How to deal with time constraints and end ensure you hit your milestones  

Who is this for? This webinar is designed for anyone who is involved in planning or implementing a digital project. Whether it’s your first project or you’re a seasoned professional, we’ll give you advice and share best practice from our experience of delivering 500+ projects for non-profits.  


Lisa Wetlesen
Senior Business Change Consultant
Hart Square