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The return to reality: what comes after go-live?

One of the challenges that we see non-profits face when delivering digital projects is that once a new system has gone live, the delivery team go back to focus on their day jobs with a view that the project is finished!

In reality, the project doesn’t stop there. Managing the delivery and training for a new system so it becomes Business As Usual (BAU) is just as critical a challenge as ensuring the system is delivering what you set out for it to do.

Reaping the benefits of a new digital project may be seen over a period of months, or even years. So, beyond time, cost and scope, how do you know if it’s been worth the investment, and how do you track its success so that you can use this to build future cases for tech change?

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn how to agree the intended real, tangible benefits of the project
  • Aside from time, cost and scope, hear the other benefits you really should be tracking
  • Learn what to include in a benefits tracker to review your project’s success
  • Hear how to carry out a lessons learnt exercise and how this can be used to drive future projects
  • How to develop a plan for the transition into BAU for both people and the tech!
  • Learn what’s needed to take the project forward after go-live including resources and roles
  • Hear best practice to ensure continuity in staff training, support and development for use of the system

Who is this for: This is for anyone keen to further their understanding on how to track the tangible benefits of any digital project. Whether you’re on the SMT, a project sponsor or project manager, you’ll take away advice and tips to implement and add to your project plan straightaway.

Guest speaker:

Clare Cochrane
Assistant Director – Communications and Marketing
Royal College of Occupational Therapists