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Understanding the benefits and value of a CRM system

8 September 2022

Are you unsure about the real value of a CRM system for your organisation, or wondering how to maximise the use of CRM for your future growth? 

The importance of a CRM system cannot be overstated. At a basic level, it enables you to collect data so you can engage with your users. However, a robust CRM solution does much more and should be at the heart of any non-profit. It should bring all your relationships together into one place for analysis, automation, reporting and collaboration.  

Learning outcomes:  

  • Understand the true benefits of having the right CRM system 
  • Where to get started with – out of the box or bespoke solution?  
  • Do I upgrade and integrate my current system, or replace them? 
  • What about integrating to my website, CRM, and external engagement systems? 
  • Understand how to use your CRM system to manage relationships rather than store data 
  • As well as data, learn about the other ways a CRM system can support your programme management, campaigns, marketing and comms, volunteer, and fundraising management  
  • How to use your CRM to make communications targeted, personal, and more likely to drive positive engagement 

Who is this for: If you’re responsible for managing your digital systems or for utilising your data in the best way possible to deliver your engagement strategies, don’t miss this chance to ensure you’re realising the true benefits of your CRM system.  


Chris Gilbert
Head of Technology & Services
Hart Square

Catherine Zahra
Head of eCRM Delivery
The Children’s Society