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Understanding what our users need (not what we think they need)

30 November 2022

How do you truly cater for the needs of your users without derailing your timeline for digital change, and disrupting what you have to deliver as an organisation? 

This is a common challenge that non-profits face and solving this dilemma relies on several factors including evaluating what budget, time, data, goodwill, and opportunity there is available to focus on users’ needs in a way that will be effective.  

Maintaining this focus will help you uphold your organisation’s mission statement. After all, you exist to ultimately support the needs of your users whether members, donors, funders, or other stakeholders.    

So, how well do you really know your users? We’ll explore how to understand and develop services based on what your users truly need and discuss how organisations plan and structure how their user needs are captured for the greatest benefit.   

Learning outcomes:  

  • Where to get started with understanding your users’ current and future needs  
  • Realising the difference between your users’ actual needs and what you think they need  
  • Find out the benefits of using user analytic tools (web analytics, feedback, pulse surveys) to understand users’ needs based on what they say to you and what they do with you every day  
  • How internal stakeholder workshops can help you identify whether the needs of your users and of your organisation are in sync  
  • The pitfalls and opportunities with managing user forums  
  • Advice and best practice for keeping users’ engaged and involved  

Guest Speaker:

Cath Hill
Chief Executive
British Mensa