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Understanding your digital risk appetite – making the transition to new tech

16 March 2023

Non-profits are increasingly making best use of the digital landscape with remote working, online services, and digital innovations always on the agenda. However, in parallel, organisations are also highly aware of the risks of undertaking digital projects and the greater exposure to potential business, data and privacy risks.

Whether you’re updating your current systems, or transitioning from old legacy systems, these aren’t reasons to necessarily stop you in your tracks. By defining your non-profit’s digital risk appetite, you’ll be able to understand the potential risks and analyse the impact of these against the potential benefits they could bring.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the potential risks of undertaking a digital transformation – business and privacy risks
  • Defining the scope and degree of digital risk your non-profit is willing to take – risks vs potential benefits
  • Where to start with a digital risk strategy?
  • How to carry out a digital risk assessment/process – what should it include?
  • Hear how analysing your project’s risk fits into the digital project life cycle
  • How to manage risk throughout your whole organisation – involving your staff and stakeholders
  • You’ve got your plan – what next? How to maintain, communicate and execute the plan

Who is this for: If you’re responsible for or contributing to your non-profits IT or digital strategy, this webinar is for you. Whether you’re updating your current systems, transitioning from old legacy systems or simply fact finding at this stage to discover the potential benefits, do join us for this invaluable session.


Joyce Harmon
Senior Client Relationship Manager
Hart Square

Billy Peat
Senior Business Change Consultant
Hart Square