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What is an IT strategy and a guide to getting to right!

28 April 2022

Getting your IT strategy right is a bit like connecting the head to your body and knowing how to get started can often be the first challenge!

The aim of an IT strategy is to give you clarity on what your strategic direction should be, and what your provision of IT and digital looks like to achieve your organisation’s vision. It often includes a strategic assessment of what IT and digital tools are in use and how they are utilised often includes a review of pain points, change drivers and barriers, and an analysis of any capability gaps.

As important as having your strategy in place, is reviewing who will deliver it and how it will be delivered, so your systems and platforms. We’ll explore how to appoint a managed services IT partner, or other resources you need to make it happen – both now and to future proof your IT provision for the future

Learning outcomes:

  • How to get started with your IT strategy and the first things to consider
  • What to include in a strategic assessment of your organisation’s IT and digital provision
  • How to carry out a strategic evaluation, gap analysis and technology review
  • How to map out a high-level vision/ roadmap for the IT, digital, and delivery of any technology
  • Understand how to review your internal IT knowledge and current IT strategic direction
  • How to manage a structured selection process to appoint a managed services IT partner
  • Key considerations for carrying out engagement meetings with key stakeholders

Who is this for: Whether you’re working on your first IT strategy or responsible for delivering IT and digital across your organisation, we’ll help you break down the complexities of an IT strategic assessment into manageable stages.  

Rhys Evans
Head of Technology & Services
Hart Square