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Client story

Hart Square ensures healthy CRM at Public Health Dorset

Public Health Dorset wanted to implement a new online Dorset Health Hub. They needed to source a technology provider to make the Hub happen and required a detailed ITT (Invitation to Tender) for potential suppliers of a new CRM system.

Hart Square took a ‘business first’ approach to the project, outlining the need to review business processes first, undertake requirements gathering and then look at the technology requirements for the ITT.

Key benefits

  • Expertise helped support new thinking and new possibilities at Public Health Dorset
  • Ensured that the selected technology would support existing processes
  • Contributed to the technology part of Public Health Dorset’s ITT.

“It was clear from the outset that Hart Square’s experts could help us transform our conceptual ideas into operational reality by defining and documenting our ideas clearly and concisely. We felt that they could maximise our team’s knowledge by not only providing an independent approach, but also by challenging our ideas.”