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Partner Selection

A lot of focus for new technology projects falls on the technology being chosen to be implemented, but the partner you choose to work with is at least equally as important. This applies both to the success of the initial specification and implementation, and then to the long-term achievement of your strategic objectives it should enable.
Our partner selection process has been developed over years of experience, is finely tuned regularly as the market shifts, innovations come through and priorities change.

We run upwards of 20 partner selections ever year, across a range of digital technologies


This is a specialised area requiring an in-depth knowledge of the marketplace and comparable projects to cut through the jargon

Selection process

The selection process uses a standard, tried and tested methodology but is client focussed

This allows each organisation to gain knowledge and confidence throughout the process, delivering an informed and empowering outcome.

Influence with technology partners

Hart Square carries out more than 20 technology partner selection projects for non-profits every year and has an established methodology for this

Our methodology focusses on relationship building and a commonly agreed success criteria for such projects.

Continuity and knowledge

Our approach is based on providing decision-support to the client while strictly avoiding influencing the client’s decision on a preferred partner. 


Our process and facilitation focusses on building a solid foundation for the implementation project by establishing clear lines of responsibility for delivery

Hart Square will deliver the following

  • A clear, defined timetable to be agreed early in the process to ensure clients, partners and Hart Square are clear about the schedule and resources required.
  • A longlist of relevant potential technology partners which are all capable of delivering the client’s specific requirements but offer a range of technologies and approaches from which the client can shortlist

  • A summary evaluation and a comparison document based on the proposals of all partners

  • A series of Hart Square facilitated engagements between clients and partners to build an understanding of how they could work together to achieve the project outcomes

  • Facilitation of the decision for a preferred technology partner

  • Written feedback to all partners involved in the process

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