Hart Square ensures FareShare’s GDPR compliance

The charity FareShare believes that no good food should go to waste. The organisation redistributes fresh in date and good to eat surplus from the food industry and last year redistributed enough food for 46.5 million meals and reached 1,960 towns and cities, from Aberdeen to Brighton.

“Hart Square has enabled us to build for the future, with a clear action plan going forward”

Philippa Ward
Head of Organisational Development, FareShare

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With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – which requires controllers of personal data to implement data protection measures – FareShare had to ensure it was GDPR compliant.

Key benefits

  • Expert guidance on GDPR compliance
  • Expertise garnered from previous GDPR projects
  • Management of implementation processes
  • Solutions met business objectives and aggressive timescales
  • Organisation has reduced the risk of GDPR non-compliance

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