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Enabling digital and change capability within the non-profit sector

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Why clients choose Hart Square

Quality and impartiality

We treat all our clients and partners equitably, regardless of size or scale, maintaining our values, quality, and impartiality

Influence, lead and engage

We influence, lead and engage with all stakeholders to ensure we deliver desired outcomes

Client’s first

We always put our clients’ best interests first

Support, advice and expertise

We are our clients' critical friend; providing support, advice and expertise to ensure the best project outcomes

Ongoing evaluation

We add ongoing value by constantly innovating and evolving our services

Flexible and adaptive

We are a flexible and adaptive team, eager to learn and to take on new challenges

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Our areas of expertise

Business Case

When initiating a substantial digital programme it’s vital to build on solid foundations. Describing the strategic objectives of the programme, what it will take to deliver in respect of money, time and people, and setting out a realistic roadmap is core to your success. We know what it takes to build a compelling business case and will work with you to get everyone on board.

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Business Process Review

Taking the time to document your processes, and build knowledge and awareness of how your organisation carries out day to day operations, provides you with a valuable opportunity to assess them and build upon them.

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Requirements Gathering

We adopt a collaborative and iterative approach to capturing your requirements in relation to what your technology needs to enable you to do. The insights derived from the process itself is almost as valuable as the substance of your statement of requirements. Our expert consultants know how to collate and express requirements such that you recognise them and can be confident that they’re an accurate representation of your needs.

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Invitation to Tender

The Invitation To Tender is a cornerstone of your approach to the technology partners whose solutions you’re considering. It has to provide enough background to the project objectives, and strike a balance between detail of the outcomes the technology needs to enable against not being overly prescriptive of how it’s achieved. Our experience means we know how to provide this with the right mix of context, substance and process, underpinning a successful outcome.

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Partner Selection

A lot of focus for new technology projects falls on the technology being chosen to be implemented, but the partner you choose to work with it at least equally as important. This applies both to the success of the initial specification and implementation, and then to the long-term achievement of your strategic objectives it should enable. Our partner selection has been developed over years of experience, is finely tuned regularly as the market shifts, innovations come through and priorities change.

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Change Management

Most, but not all, of the new technology selection projects we work on are undertaken as part of a strategic programme of work seeking to improve ways of working and to enhance services to supporters, members and other third parties. For all of those technology projects to deliver their objectives it’s the people change it enables and drives which is the determining success factor.

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System Implementation

The reputation which technology projects have as being sinkholes for budgets, littered with endless missed deadlines and under-delivered solutions is unfair but it is nevertheless true that the implementation of new technology solutions can be a minefield for non-profits to navigate. Our consultants bring their deep experience of implementations and specialist knowledge of solutions to bear, providing the guidance and assurance which will give you the confidence, and support, to embark on what will always be a demanding project.

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Business Process Assessment

To address process challenges at your organisation, it’s important to have a view of the processes you currently have in place.
Our clear and simple approach to a business process assessment helps you decide which processes are high risk or complex.

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